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Big Difference From Other Academies? There is a Big difference between Hair salon stylist make by hair style and Fashion hair stylist make by hair style. We are Fashion hair stylist. Why is better fashion style? Because Hair style is part of fashion.
After studying Basic technique, Our curriculum teaches the most important originality for hair stylist. 
Effilage cut is a cutting technique that can demonstrate the personality of the hair stylist, which is very far deeper than blunt cut. For cucutomers,there is merit that the keep hair style longer and maintenance. 


Blunt Cut &Styling For Beginner course 
 20 Times   Rm6000   Add 1time by Rm330 
(1 )One-Length  ( 2)Grddent Bob  ( 3)Upwardly rising Bob  (4)Falling down Bob (5)Hight layer  (6)Low layer  (7)Short  (8)Men’s  (!0) Blowe Dry    

 Blunt Cut &Styling &Setup For Hair Stylist course (Over 3 years’ experience) 
 16 Times   Cut & Styling& Set up Rm6000    Add 1 Time by 390 
(1 )One Length  (2)Gradation Bob  (3)Upwardly rising Bob  (4)Falling down Bob (5)High layer  (6)Low layer  (7)Short  (8)Men’s  (9)Set up  (10) Free style Effilage CUT course 

 Effilage CUT course 
 14 times        Rm6000 Add  1Time by  Rm450 
(1)  OneLength  (2) Gradation Bob  (3) Layer  (4) Short  (5) Styling  (6) Set up  (7) Free Style  

 "Eeffilage Cut  is very popular among models and Fashionistas in Paris  for its excellent style.  It makes possible for you to maintain coustmmers hair easily and recreate the style after having haircut  at  the salon. You can feel its high quality without any drastic change in hairstyle.  It is possible to create the look regardless of face shape or hair type and quality. "Coup Effilage" - a sophisticated hair cutting technique associated with Paris.We highly recommend this style for the "CHIC" you. 



Our trainers 
Chiaki SABATA (Hair stylist make up artist)  Chiaki Sabata was born and raised in Wakayama, Japan.  He began his hair and make-up career as an assistant at the age of 20 He have learned cut technique of VIDAL SASSOON in JAPAN..  and went to Paris in 1998.  A year of working as an apprentice for Jean Marc Maniatis Salon in Paris.  He have learned also cut technique EFFILARGE CUT in MANIATIS PARIS.  He became a freelance artist.  He has worked with well-known  photographers such as Bettina Rheims, Gilles Bensimone top photgraphers in the world and etc...   He has also joined a few collections in Paris. In 2005, he moved his work base to Tokyo. He has been active in  many 
areas; editorials, advertisements, and fashion. In 2014,  He moved in Malaysia In 2015, Hair salo opned in Sri Hartamas 
(Advertisements)  Isetan, ,United Colors of Benetton, Uniqlo, Vidal Sassoon, RENOMA Paris, Tokyo , Crocodile,  HUTING WORLD(Asia campaign), MARIO VALENTINO, HONDA, Mazda,  PENTAX(France), Coca cola(France), Air France(France), Orangina(France), NIKE  and more... 
(Editorials) Numero Tokyo, VOGUE (Japan, Tiwan), Harper's Bazaar (Japan, Hong Kong, Russia ,Malaysia ), Marie Claire (Japan, Germany, Malaysia), Elle (Japon,Malaysia), ICON(France), Enconse(France), Madrid(Spain), Ne2(Spain), Vnida(Spain), Issue one(England) l’officiel Malaysia , Nuyou, Citta Bella , FEMALE  and more.. 
(Collections) Christian Dior, Thierry Mugler, Jean-Luc Amsler, Mode-a-cote, L,D,S  and more.. . (Celebrities) Patricia FIELD, Chiaki Kuriyama, Hidetoshi Nakata  and more... 
Shun Sasaki (Hair stylist)
He was born and raised Kanagawa JAPAN in 1991.
After graduating from a vocational school in Tokyo, got a job at a hair salon in Tokyo in 2012. Learn Effirage Cut.
(The good points of Effirage Cut are texture, longevity, ease of handling, etc...)
In parallel with salon work, He works on hair setting and gives lectures at a beauty school.
In 2016, worked for a short time at the Effirage Cut Hair Salon in Paris.
In 2020, transferred to a hair salon in Nagoya.
In 2021, transferred to a hair salon in Kuala Lumpur.


Second Prize at agence21 Photo Contest (Tokyo,Japan,Sep 2018)
First Prize at agence21 Cut Contest (Tokyo,Japan,Jun2019)
Every Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday
                     AM10:00-PM1:00 (There are date and time changes due circumstances such as shooting)
Location    H-0-5 Plaza Damas block H Jalan sri hartamas 1
                     Sri hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur KL Malaysia

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