• Miho

そうなりますか。why change the something?


The world is going to change ,also hair salon and salon Manager ,but don't change the core essence .


customer turnover,sales,and cost ,they are very important .However ,not good to too biased to it because salon lose motivation and quality it may become.I think it is inflict a loss on salon to future that is no meaning.

sometimes they without noticing do it is and me too.They are pressed for time.


When I was hair stylist in my twenties I feel something is wrong to hair stylist for work I saw a amazing skill cut on YouTube.If I didn't see this cut I have no idea what kind of hair stylist was it?



After that I changed my mind by I met many hairstylist and environment .

My hair cut trainer said「you are a liar,you hiding hair !」「I'm s,s,sorry..] sigh...

I was pointed out my own habit I do not notice.They never compromise to haircut and hairstyle .



Anyways,They most important things is quality, design and surprise .They never waver.

They demand to hairstylist ever keep evolving .So make money is it comes next.



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