• Miho

癖毛の方に吉報!Shampoo for Natural curly hair!

最終更新: 2020年11月19日

This shampoo are coming soon to our Chardon Tokyo.

Japanese bland is HOYU  https://www.hoyu-sg.com/professional/products/detail/20

we used that.

My hair a little bit wave hair but after using that my hair became looks a bit shine and smooth.

of Couse don't big be different .

There is 4 type .

1) Color damage hair

2) Normal hair

3) Heat damage ( dryer , Straightener ) hard hair

4) Natural wave hair

If you have a problem and stress for your hair.

anything you ask to us for your beautiful hair.

Don't be hesitation.

Thank you



軽いボリュームダウンなども有効ですが、ホーユーさんから入荷予定のシャンプーがかなりイケていてビックリ‼️ https://www.hoyu-professional.com/product/care/promaster-color-care.html




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