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Chardon Tokyo

Chardon Tokyo Hair Salon is Professional Team in KL

Hair&Beauty Salon

Perfect Cutting 


Your Hair Style

Our Cutting & Coloring Benefit

Hair Cut

 1) Effilage is a cutting technique born in France.

 2) Even if the hair grows, the design will slowly collapse, so        the cut will last a long time.

3) Easy to care for at home, especially suitable for curly hair        and thick hair.

4) It is a cutting technique recommended for women                      who want to have their hair cut carefully.


   and  more ................


1) Enrolled in Hoyu Color Master

2) More important than treatment, We try to                  bring your hair back to normal PH.

3) Hair type, eye color, skin color. We will suggest      a color that suits the personality of the person.

4) Propose your own color that cannot be imitated.
5) Create new nuances with highlights and design      colors.
6) Chardon Tokyo's hair color uses different                  chemicals according to each person's hair              type,
so it reduces damage.

7) Do not neglect aftercare after coloring.


Scalp Cleansing & Head Spa

1) Scalp to enjoy the hairstyle as desired.
2) It contains ingredients whose effects and                      efficacy are recognized, but focuses on prevention.

3) Efficacy
    Hair growth, thinning hair, itching, prevention of            hair loss, promotion of hair growth, promotion of          hair growth, prevention of sweat odor Dandruff,            hair  growth.


1st&2nd visit

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Customers Reviews

Is a nice place and the service is so nice 😍👍🏻
I love it my new hair style

Ms Yirrena Ng / Google Review



Coustomers Reviews 

I had a bad hair permed from my regular hair salon. My hair-end were badly damaged and it’s been nightmare for me for the past 3 days, trying all the oil, serum, treatment cream and it didn’t do any good. I decided to cut my hair as short as possible to get rid of all my damaged end. My Japanese friend who use to be Chiaki San’s regular customer recommended this salon. Mind you, Chiaki San spent almost 2 hours trimming my hair. I have to say, he’s a very professional n skillful hair architecture. My very thick n course Asian hair is very challenging work for any hairstylist. Chiaki San has ‘scruptured’ my hair to perfection out of the damaged n messy look. I love my new hairdo n really really really feel thankful n appreciative to Chiaki San for saving my hair. Dōmo arigatōgozaimasu �

I walked in randomly to this saloon because it was empty and needed a haircut urgently. I must say at first I was skeptical about spending a higher range on the haircut but the minute the haircut starts I already feel his doing some magic to my hair. This was after some period of lack of trimming because of MCO, I honestly think what I spent was very reasonable because not only the haircut looks good, the tips I had from Mr Chiaki was a valuable one and I appreciate the patience and quality of the service here. I wont mind to make this my go to saloon and my hair really likes it :)

When I get my hair cut here, I feel like my hair is ramen in the hands of an experienced chef 🍜😂 I have very thick, wavy hair and it’s hard finding hairstylists who understand it. The last haircut I had here lasted well for 5 months. Thank you Mr Chiaki for the great job, every day I love my hairstyle more and more.

Love the hairstylist here ,is Japanese hairstylist 🤩 so friendly and will explain nicely to me .I did retouch hair colour and treatment today . ✌️😍niceeee

Good services. And friendly professional Japanese hairstylist here.
They will cut/hairstyling ur hair regarding ur face shape.

Services Price

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