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As a hairdresser! We will do our best to provide services that satisfy our customers.
As a hairdresser, technique is important, but before that, the most important thing is what you want to do. What do you want to express or create?
We believe that this is the most important thing for a hairdresser.
And that idea creates new technique..
That is our [CHARDON] dry cut (effirage cut).
We carefully consider each customer's hair type,face shape.
We are proud of our unique hair cutting techniques.
I believe that all of this is a result of my work as a stylist, and leads to services that satisfy my customers.
Dry cut ( coup effilage )
"Coup effilage" is very popular among models and fashionistas for its excellent style.It makes possible for you to 
maintain your hair easily and recreate the style after having haircut at the salon.
You can feel its high quality without any drastic change in hairstyle. It is possible to create the look regardless of face shape or hair type and quality.

"Coup Effilage" - a sophisticated hair cutting technique associated with Paris.We highly recommend this style for the "CHIC" you.
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